Galvanized Steel Wire Electric Power Line Construction OPGW strain Clamp ACSR Dead end Grip OPGW Tension Clamp

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Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
lana f
Wire Rope Clip
Hot Dip Galvanized
ADSS Cable Fixing
ISO 9001:2008
Galvanized Steel Wire
Electric Power Line Construction
Product name:
OPGW Tension Clamp
5000 Piece/Pieces per Week
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Plywood case
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three-four weeks
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Galvanized Steel Wire Electric Power Line Construction OPGW strain Clamp ACSR Dead end Grip OPGW Tension Clamp

Product Description


Single layer tensile clamp application:

ADSS small span strainclamp and strainclamp similar effect; mainly used for 50 ~ 170 meters short span angle, tension, terminal tower, not only is suitable for aerial cable can also be used for overhead wires, cable anchor cable installation and construction for traction clamps.


ADSS strainclamp composition:

U ring, ring, aluminum clad steel wire, bolts, nuts, closed whistles. The function of ADSS cable tension clamp: 1 , effectively transfer the longitudinal compressive force to the tension bearing unit of the cable, aramid fiber, so as to avoid the excessive stress of the outer sheath of the optical cable. 2, the axial tension is increased, and the contact area of the optical fiber cable is increased, so that the stress distribution is uniform, and the stress concentration point is not enough.


Tensile wire clamp features: 1, in no more than ADSS fiber optic cable side pressure on the premise of the fiber optic cable has a greater grasp of the force, can withstand greater tension. 2, the ADSS fiber optic cable holding force is not less than 95% of the optical fiber ultimate tensile strength (UTS), fully suitable for optical fiber erection needs.


Schematic diagram of installation of ADSS cable tension clamp hardware

• ADSS cable tension fittings for overhead line ADSS cable tension rod, the tower, in order to ensure the integrity and reliability of ADSS strainclamp function principle, preformed only as a safety wire clamp permanent use, generally do not allow repeated use. Unless it is used only as a traction fixture, the use of traction cables is exceptional. In order to ensure good performance and personal safety, it is necessary to make sure that the type and specifications of the fittings are in line with the requirements of the optical cable before use. • The hanging part, tension fittings, shockproof whip and other ADSS fixture, with professional hardware design of ADSS optical cable, cable not only in design to accommodate ADSS cable size range, must also ensure that the contact pressure in the extreme to squeeze the hardware design of ADSS cable exceeds the limit. • Installed tools • • iron tower fasteners • Linear fittings • • resistant to Zhang Jinju • Shock hammer • • shock hammer retaining lines • Lower lead clamp • Terminal box • Spare cable rack • Installation steps • In the installation in the outside through the skein skein, and parallel cable thimble, outside the local color of the cable skein of marking. • - 2 • The first group performed in cable winding; in the second groups in the first group and the skein skein alignment in the cable in the second groups, two or three twisted wire winding pitch, keeping the end relaxation; a skein will all be installed, and that in all coincide with cable hank. • - 3 • The color of color and the outer skein skein alignment, start winding in color outside the skein, installed when the first winding part, but also the two part outside the skein, winding will be conducive

to the installation.

OPGW dead end grip Product Composition:     

Dead-end componet, OPGW Tension Set  structural reinforcing rod componet, thimble clevis, U-type shackle


Function and Purpose:

The clamp bears the tensil force. OPGW is connected to strain pole or tower with the clamp.


OPGW dead end  Product Characteristic:

1. The clamp connects with the pole or tower and bears the line load.

2. Cables are finely protected because stress is equally distributed without intensive stress pivot.

3. The clamp provides great gripping power in the premise no more than the edgewise compressive strength of cable.

4. The grip is more than 95% RTS of OPGW and protect cable not be camaged.

5. The materials of rod selected good quality aluminum clad steel wire are against corrosion and improve the mechanical properties.


Dead end grip Thechnical Reuirements:       OPGW Tension Set

Compliant with DL/T 766-2003: Technical requirments and testing method of helical fittings for OPGW


OPGW Dead end grip Selet Matching Style:

Acoording to the diameter and strength of OPGW.

Number of configuration: 2 sets/strain pole or tower    OPGW Tension Set

                                        2 sets/connecting pole or tower

                                        1 set/terminal pole or tower

Provides the connection type of the first fitting when connection with the pole or tower

Stength class: 160KN, 210KN, 250KN, 300KN


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